Stuck in a Rut? Best Summer Date Ideas in Houston


Some of the best date ideas in Houston are the dates that you wouldn't normally think of. Dinner and a movie, fancy dates, they are great but sometimes you get stuck in a rut with dating spots. Liven up the date scene with a few fun and adventurous ideas and locations. Don't be afraid to bring out the child in you and your date. Some of the best date ideas … [Read more...]

‘Active Outdoors’ Ranks Summer Fun From Mild to Terrifying


Whether you like extreme or mild activities, you may find the "Active Outdoors"  list of summer activities worth a look. The list features everything from sightseeing to rock climbing, and you might be surprised how many can be done near our Renaissance Village at Shadow Lake Apartments in Houston. One fun outdoor activity is go-kart racing, which … [Read more...]

Glow Stick Jars Make Perfect Summer Party Accessories

glow sticks

One of the latest party crazes around the Houston apartments circuit are "Fairy Jars", little jars that glow and glitter as if you've captured Tinkerbell herself. Making such a mystical decoration doesn't call for magic though. Here are the easy steps to make your own glow stick jars. First up is gathering your materials. You'll need: Jars (mason are … [Read more...]

Unconventional Workouts: Best Places to Kayak Near Houston


You feel the burn when you hit the gym, but it is never enough to stop you. You are somewhat of a fitness fanatic. That is what your friends and family, even many of your coworkers, are saying about you. You need to find a new type of workout. It's time for you to look into kayaking around Houston. Kayaking is the outdoor adventure sport where a single … [Read more...]

4 Crafty Tips for Eliminating Apartment Clutter This Summer


Want to get your Houston apartments de-cluttered and start living simple for the summer? Don't worry we have four crafty tips to help you eliminate that apartment clutter. Create groups. For areas like the kitchen, group your items. This gives you a good idea of what you have. How many same or very similar items do you have? Toss out the extras. Keep … [Read more...]